The US Department of Education offers fellowships for learning Serbian through its FLAS Program. FLAS stands for Foreign Language and Area Studies and these fellowships serve to encourage the study of critical and less commonly taught foreign languages in combination with area studies, international studies or international aspects of professional studies. More information is available here.

Serbian Language and Culture Workshop is an eligible Serbian language institute for FLAS fellowships and you can use it to finance your short summer program in Serbia, a semester abroad, or even a full academic year. In order to apply for the FLAS fellowship, 1. sign up for a program at the Serbian Workhop you would like to participate in and 2. contact your local FLAS coordinator to get more details on how to apply for the fellowship. Please have in mind that the list of languages is not exclusive, so even if Serbian sometimes might not be listed, you can still apply for it – good communication with the coordinators is crucial.

University of Illinois

University of Illinois - Vekich Scholarship

University of Chicago

Columbia University

Harriman Institute, Columbia University

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pittsburgh



University of Michigan

Cornell University

Ohio State University

Harvard University

Indiana University

The University of North Carolina

Duke University

This list of universities is not complete, please find out who is the FLAS coordinator at your university and ask them about the possibility to fund your Serbian abroad program.

Serbian Language and Culture Workshop's contest for

July 14th – August 3rd and August 4th – 24th , 2018, Valjevo, Serbia

Who can apply for the scholarship?
University students of Serbian or other Slavic language/ literature/ culture on graduate and postgraduate studies are allowed to participate in the contest.

What is the purpose of the scholarship?
5 Scholarships are given for attending the program of the Summer School of Serbian Language and Culture from July 14th to August 3th, 2018, and another 5 from August 4th to 24th, 2018, in Valjevo, Serbia. The program includes:
1. 60 Serbian classes,
2. 30 culture classes,
3. Summer School materials,
4. accommodation in twin rooms,
5. bed sheets and towels,
6. two meals a day,
7. 2 excursions,
8. free Internet access in the school.

What does the scholarship cover?
The Workshop Scholarship Fund covers 34% of the Summer School fee (200€). The funds for the scholarships have been raised from different companies, entrepreneurs and individuals in Valjevo region who are interested in promoting Serbian language and culture. The students are responsible for the other 66% of the Summer School fee (399€) for which they should organize the payment through other funds and support organizations, or individually.

Are there any restrictions?
If students miss more than 6 language classes, and/or 3 culture classes, and/or 1 excursion, their scholarship and participation in the Summer School will be interrupted.

What documents are required?
Please send us the following:
1. a registration form (downloadable here),
2. a letter of recommendation from a professor of Serbian or other Slavic language/ literature/ culture. The letter should contain the official letterhead of your educational institute, with university/ college/ department stamp,
3. a letter of motivation in two copies: one written in student's native language and the other in Serbian (or English).
The documents should be sent to the e-mail address srpski@gmail.com

When is the deadline to apply?
Аpplications must be sent before May 15th, 2018. The final results of the scholarship contest will be published by May 31st, 2018. The Workshop will inform the winners and send the invitation letters by post and e-mail.

Please e-mail all your questions and comments to skola@srpskijezik.edu.rs for additional information on Summer School of Serbian Language and Culture 2018.

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