Citizens of many countries can enter Serbia without a visa and spend 30 to 90 days in the country to learn Serbian. Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Serbia.

If you plan to stay a longer while, or you need a visa to enter Serbia, you should apply for a visa at a Serbian embassy or consulate in any country before your trip to Serbia. The visa procedure lasts about 30 days, so it is recommended that you start your registration 45-60 days prior to the language course. Here are some basic requirements for entering Serbia or acquiring a Serbian visa / residence permit:
Please contact your local Serbian embassy or consulate to get more detailed information.

Serbian Language and Culture Workshop will be glad to support your visa, temporary residence, and passport applications if your primary purpose of stay in Serbia is learning the Serbian language. This means that you must dedicate a substantial amount of time to studying at school and home, the duration of the program should be 24 weeks or longer with the workload of 10 classes a week or more. For students who wish to prepare for university studies in Serbian a certification exam is mandatory and additional workload is recommended to prepare adequately for the exam.

IMPORTANT: If you enter Serbia on a visa-free tourist pass, your options to prolong your stay in Serbia legally will be very limited. A temporary residency for Serbian language learning is available only if you plan to continue your education in BA, MA, or PhD studies on one of the accredited universities and faculties in Serbia after your Serbian language course. In this case Serbian Language and Culture Workshop will be glad to support your temporary residency application for a preparatory language program. After you complete the Serbian course, you will have to pass a certification exam in Serbian language and take the entrance exam for the studies of your choice. Temporary residency for language learning is not possible for other purposes by Serbian law, so if you want to learn Serbian on a long program and start a business, relocate to Serbia, or find a job after the program, you should get a visa first.

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