Serbian Language and Culture Immersion Program, Valjevo

Short description of Serbian Language and Culture Immersion in Valjevo
If you would like to practice Serbian language without any formal language training, then Serbian Language and Culture Immersion Program is designed exactly for you. Many people are tired of curricula, classroom environment and professor’s authority. In Serbian Language and Culture Immersion Program you can learn and practice your Serbian spontaneously, in a normal everyday setting, with no pressure.

Serbian Language and Culture Immersion Program can last from 1 to 24 weeks and the starting dates are:
September 18th, 2017;
October 16th, 2017;
November 20th, 2017;
December 18th, 2017;
January 22nd, 2018;
February 19th, 2018;
March 19th, 2018;
April 16th, 2018;
May 21st, 2018;
June 25th, 2018;
July 2nd, 2018;
August 27th, 2018.

Valjevo, Serbia (learn more about Valjevo).

Serbian Language and Immersion Program is the best for those who already learned basics in Serbian and would like to improve their speaking and listening skills, in other words for intermediate and advanced learners of Serbian. However total beginners in Serbian are welcome too.

Serbian Immersion for You
Serbian Language and Culture Immersion Program is one big practical language class which starts from the moment when you arrive in Valjevo and stops when you return home. In Serbian Immersion everything and everybody around you will serve to help you learn and improve Serbian. In creating this program we used the experiences from similar programs in the world and improved them. What make Serbian Immersion different from a classical language course are 1) the language assistants, 2) volunteers, 3) accommodation and roommates, 4) activities and 5) excursions.

Serbian language Assistants
The language assistants are trained linguists whose job is to assist you in Serbian language studies and you can work two classes a day with them. The language assistants provide learning materials in Serbian for you and they also help you with homework. They are something like scientific advisers, so they will be ready to answer all your questions and guide you in your studies. Although you will meet with the language assistants in a classroom, they will not teach nor hold lectures, but rather focus on your problems in learning Serbian. The language assistant must speak Serbian all the time and they will adjust to your level in Serbian so you will be able to understand them.

Serbian volunteers
Volunteers are young students who spend their free time with you and who talk to you in Serbian. They participate with you in various activities, go out and hang out with you, or accompany you on the excursions and field trips. You will be able to spend a lot of time with volunteers and practice speaking and listening in Serbian.

Accommodation and Serbian roommates
Even though Valjevo is a small city, it has three business schools, a medical school and an engineering school, which means that there is a lot of students around. Serbian Language and Culture Workshop disposes with a student dorm which is located on the upper floors of the school building. The rooms are cozy and your hosts will help you with anything you need. You can share a room with a Serbian student, or live in a single room and share a flat. In any case you will be surrounded with young Serbian people and a lot of occasions to practice and improve your communication in Serbian.

It is a common belief that a classical home-stay in a Serbian family will increase your workload, that you will interact more with native speakers and that you will benefit more from your time abroad. In reality it is almost always different than that: the members of the family are busy and never home, or the family consists of one member only, frequently an old lady or a gentleman, whose children left family nest long time ago. At best they exchange the basic greetings and phrases with you in the morning, when they serve you meals (if any) and in the evening when you go to sleep. This is why our student dorm with Serbian roommates and volunteers provides significantly more language practice than classical home-stay.

Many people feel more motivated to learn Serbian language when it is connected with their hobbies or professional interest. Serbian Language and Culture Workshop offers a wide range of activities, such as cooking lessons, singing lessons, traditional Serbian dancing lessons, a reading club, but also sports through local sport clubs in Valjevo, like swimming, tennis, horseback riding, football, basketball, volleyball etc. Now you can do something you love and learn Serbian on the way, plus you will meet a lot of Serbian people who have the same hobbies as you do, which will increase your language practice.

During your stay in Valjevo we provide short trips, walks around the city and hiking in mountains in the vicinity of Valjevo. Some of the excursions are included in the price, but for some of them an additional payment is required, especially if they include bus transfers, entrance fees, tourist attractions etc. Simple excursions, like visiting a local museum, gallery, vinery, park or monument are organized on weekdays, while more ambitious excursions are planned in the weekend.

Here is an example of daily timetable in Serbian Language and Culture Immersion Program:

9:00-10:30 10:30-12:00 13:00-14:30 15:00-16:30 17:00-18:30 20:00-21:30
Advising with language assistants Activities with volunteers and roommates A short local excursion, or a visit to a place of interest Sports activities Cooking, singing or dancing lessons Free time with volunteers and roommates

The fee for the basic Serbian Language and Culture Immersion Program is 100 € per week, duration is from 1 to 24 weeks. The fee includes:

Information about methods of payment available on enrollment.

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