Serbian language for foreigners – courses all year round

Project title
"Serbian Language Intensive Course".

Belgrade, Serbia (learn more about Belgrade).
Serbian Intensive Course is also available on-line.

Available all year round. The duration of Serbian Intensive Courses is 1-48 weeks, depending on the student’s wishes. Check the calendar for the time of the courses.

The course is available to students of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Goals of the project
- Learning and improving Serbian (available to all levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced, proficiency);
- studying Serbian culture, traditional values and modern tendencies through theory and practice;
- living in an authentic Serbian environment, making contacts with real Serbs, exchanging experiences and opinions with them.

Calendar (subject to minor changes)
Each Serbian Language Intensive Course in 2022-2023 starts as given below (duration of the course is 1, 2, 3, 4... weeks, depending on the student):

Students arrive in Belgrade on Sunday and can accommodate, get to know the city, have some rest and prepare for the week to come. The course begins on Monday, when a placement test will be administered. The test is intended to place students in an appropriate group. The classes are held from Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 12:20 (14:10). Saturday and Sunday are normally intended for rest and excursions to many interesting sites out of town; however, you can have extra classes on weekends, but they are not included in the fee (extra payment required).

Intensive course in Serbian language
By attending the course you will gain new and improve your current language abilities. After a placement test taken upon the arrival students will be divided into groups according to their knowledge. There are six groups: beginners 1, beginners 2, intermediate 1, intermediate 2, advanced and proficiency. Each group will have an appropriate syllabus, a language instructor, and will work separately from other groups. The emphasis is on developing communicative skills. The theoretic, i.e. systematic aspect of the language is presented in the ways that are most suitable to the needs of every respective level. Lessons are held on weekdays from 9:00 to 14:10 (subject to minor changes).

Classes 1-2 Break Classes 3-4 Break Classes 5-6
(30 classes a week)
09:00-10:30 10:30-10:50 10:50-12:20 12:20-12:40 12:40-14:10

The course is divided into two sections. In the first one students improve their linguistic and communicative skills throughout a modern language course. In the second one (linguistic-cultural), students will learn a lot about the Serbian culture through practical language exercises, which is necessary for getting around in Serbian reality and activating the knowledge they gained in class. This is what makes our program special and more popular than other schools. During the course students do not feel intellectual fatigue and are eager to perform all tasks. When the courses are over and they return home, they all feel very pleased about the progress they have made.

Belgrade, its surroundings, and whole Serbia offer countless possibilities for various excursions. You will be able to see European castles in Vojvodina or oriental-style Novi Pazar, serene plain rivers or go rafting to the Tara, a mountain river. Your fee does not cover these excursions, but we can help you find what you like at reasonable prices.

Sports & recreation
You can practice sports after classes. Belgrade offers facilities for almost all sports. You don’t have to worry about your fitness during the course, because Belgrade has lovely parks convenient for all city sporting activities (jogging, t’ai chi, etc.). The organizers will gladly help you find all you need.

Social life
You will be able to get together with Belgrade University students. Integration parties are held in the evenings during the first week of the course. There are lots of night clubs and other places in Belgrade where you can meet young Serbs, who are very open-minded and friendly.

Food and accommodation
Accommodation is in a hostel, this table shows the prices. If you have any special requests regarding accommodation (such as a hotel room, apartment, or you already have an accommodation), please contact us.

Accommodation Distance from downtown Beds in the room Food Price per week
Hostel 3,5 km 1 - 210€
Apartment 0,5 km apartment - 280€
Homestay 3,5 km 1 - 210€

You can eat in many Belgrade restaurants. They are not expensive. Students’ restaurants are cheapest, where you can get all three meals at about 50€ per week. An average restaurant in Belgrade can provide half board at about 70€ per week. You can also go out and have lunch with your teacher, thus getting some extra language and culture practice. The organizers will help you choose the most suitable option.

Serbian Course Fee
The information about methods of payment is available on enrolment. If you have problems with calculating the price of your Serbian language course please contact the organizers for help.

Serbian Language
Intensive Course
10 classes a week 20 classes a week 30 classes a week +10 private
classes a week
1 week 120 € 190 € 260 € + 150 €
2 weeks 190 € 330 € 470 € + 300 €
3 weeks 260 € 470 € 680 € + 450 €
4 weeks 330 € 610 € 890 € + 600 €
5 weeks 400 € 750 € 1100 € + 750 €
6 weeks 470 € 890 € 1310 € + 900 €
7 weeks 540 € 1030 € 1520 € + 1050 €
8 weeks 610 € 1170 € 1730 € + 1200 €
9 weeks 680 € 1310 € 1940 € + 1350 €
10 weeks 750 € 1450 € 2150 € + 1500 €
11 weeks 820 € 1590 € 2360 € + 1650 €
12 weeks 890 € 1730 € 2570 € + 1800 €
13 weeks 960 € 1870 € 2780 € + 1950 €
14 weeks 1030 € 2010 € 2990 € + 2100 €
15 weeks 1100 € 2150 € 3200 € + 2250 €
16 weeks 1170 € 2290 € 3410 € + 2400 €

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